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How Microsoft® Dynamics NAV can work for your company

Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes applications and services for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, service companies, and retailers doing business domestically or in multiple countries. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is also ideal for companies with unique business processes and specialised needs because of its highly adaptable and flexible design.

  • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV for the Distribution/Wholesale Industries
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a powerful and flexible technology platform that gives distributors all the resources they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management. A flexible, attractively priced business solution, NAV integrates order entry, inventory management, fulfilment, shipping, and financial data.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables distributors to respond quickly to their customers needs, improve customer service and reduce inventory and distribution costs. With the advanced warehousing functionality it also enables distributors to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the warehouse. Through features such as item tracking and an Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) and improved distribution processes from warehouse layout to picking methods to shipping, companies have accurate up to date inventory information.

    With a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, distributors can:
    • get immediate feedback on business performance
    • automate manual procedures and eliminate data re-entry to reduce manual processes and streamline warehouse operations
    • improve restocking decisions
    • process orders faster
    • improve fill rates and customer satisfaction

    Complete Information
    A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for distribution is designed to deliver more comprehensive information in one complete business management system and it link your office and multiple warehouse facilities. The data a business depends on can reside in a single database so it can be accessed and updated any time, from anywhere, by anyone who needs it.

    This results in more timely information, greater accuracy, and better warehouse management. Stock can be promised with confidence, goods can be found where expected, inventories remain accurate, and orders can be efficiently picked, packed, labelled, shipped, and invoiced.

    Inventory Planning
    Robust tools for inventory planning and replenishment help you accurately forecast demand, make better decisions, and balance inventory costs against fill rates and customer satisfaction levels.

    Gradual Automation
    If your company is moving toward an automated warehouse, you can gradually increase the extent of your automation painlessly over time, even if you don’t have bar-coded items yet. As new items are received and brought into the warehouse, you can assign barcodes easily as well as identify bin locations, lot numbers, physical attributes, and weights in item records.

    Simplified Reporting
    A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution simplifies reporting with intuitive data access and interactive views. Information is presented in a way that is familiar to users of Microsoft Outlook, and it can be smoothly transferred to Microsoft Excel for additional manipulation, analysis, and graphical presentation. Support for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services also makes it easy to quickly extract the data you want to analyse.

    Tailor Made
    With its open development environment and feature-rich application areas, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to customise. At Profile we specialise in developing and implementing distribution solutions for businesses like yours so we can help your company tailor the application to suit your unique requirements.

    If you would like further information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please download the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.
  • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV for the Manufacturing Industry
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides tools to help plan, manage, and execute an excellent manufacturing operation. Companies can boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of material, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

    Companies can manage their entire manufacturing process from product configuration, supply, and capacity requirements planning to scheduling and running the shop floor. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also helps to manage a broad range of other business areas according to your particular needs. You can add functionality as you need it and grow at your own pace.

    Industrial Equipment Manufacturing
    Industrial equipment manufacturers make some of the most complex products in the world under some of the most competitive market conditions. Your customers want specialized products, have demanding schedules and designs, and have many options if you cannot meet their needs.

    To succeed in this market, you have to anticipate and meet different customer needs while reducing the impact on your overall processes. You need to be able to adapt to alternative manufacturing approaches, drive down costs, shorten the time from quote to cash, have visibility into your supplier's operations and your customer's needs, and deliver after-sales service.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions offer integrated applications that deliver powerful technologies for industrial equipment manufacturers. These solutions enable you to support multiple modes of manufacturing as well as your service department requirements. They support lean business processes and can boost customer satisfaction.

    Chemical Manufacturing
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables chemical manufacturers to effectively manage formulas, quality, government regulations, production, and financial reporting. This integrated, easy-to-use system helps your people improve productivity, lower cost of compliance, improve customer service, and increase revenues. The industry-focused business solution integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office system to help speed user adoption and streamline processes across an entire business.

    A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help Chemical Manufacturers:
    • Efficiently manage regulatory compliance processes and documentation
    • Automatically build MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) based on current formulation data
    • Manage an unlimited number of chemical formulations
    • Develop efficient production schedules based on orders, inventory, and production equipment available
    • Empower your workforce to maximise skills, time, and operational resources

    Food Manufacturing
    The food and beverage industry is extremely diverse with thousands of different products and many types of processes (including fresh, frozen, chilled, and long shelf-life goods) serving customers ranging from mega-retailers to small chains, independent stores, catering services, restaurants, and exporters.

    Managing all of these products, processes, and customers creates serious issues. A successful company needs to be able to respond to the demands of retailers and customers, manage supply chain processes, and make sure delivery times and schedules are coordinated.

    Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer a set of strong applications that deliver a powerful suite of technologies for food and beverage manufacturers. These integrated applications can be deployed quickly and inexpensively without complicated customisations and drawn-out implementation projects.

    A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help Food Manufacturers:
    • Collaborate with retailers while you improve your operations, lower your costs, and increase your ability to service other customers.
    • Respond to or anticipate consumer trends by being able to review current sales and market data, and then make accurate, real-time decisions.
    • Efficiently integrate manufacturing, financials, and procurement
    • Shorten product development and manufacturing times
    • Create a transparent supply chain that helps you and your customers access relevant information
    • Automatic tracking and tracing of raw materials and products at all stages

    Profile can design and develop a complete, integrated set of leading edge business applications to support your company and its processes utilising the specialised and flexible manufacturing functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    If you would like further information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please download the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.
  • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV for the Professional Services Industry
    In professional service organisations, efficiency is vital. These businesses are challenged with selling an intangible product that is always evolving and difficult to quantify. Profitability means that projects and services must be estimated correctly, completed on time and meet the customers requirements.

    To succeed, professional service companies must adopt strategic and comprehensive financial, project, and resource management practices. Increasing the use of information technology is the most effective way to add value to these companies while still sustaining cost effective operations. An affordable computing infrastructure will enable service companies and their people to share information, collaborate and make effective decisions.

    A professional service company needs to be able to improve project commitment and resource efficiency to reduce costs and improve margins while still maintaining customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a completed solution to help professional service organisations manage every aspect of their company, from customer relationships and projects to business process outsourcing and financials. The solution can help people to streamline operations while increasing value, improve customer interaction, and make faster more informed decisions.

    If you would like further information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please download the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.
  • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV for the Retail Industry
    Complete integration of point of sale, inventory, supplier, and customer relationship programs and financial reporting

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers a compelling suite of technologies to help retailers manage every aspect of their operations, from point-of-sale (POS) solutions to back-end inventory management, contact management and financials. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also offers retailers the ability to analyse and identify customer trends and opportunities, maintain accurate, agile control of specialised inventory and purchasing requirements, and expand sales and marketing channels to extend customer reach.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables retailers to streamline customer interface and back-office operations by tightly integrating the two. This integrated, easy-to-use business system helps people deliver exceptional customer service, lower inventory costs, improve margins, and increase revenues. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office system to help speed user adoption and streamline processes across an entire business.

    A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help retailers:
    • Improve overall efficiency with direct integration from point of sale (POS) to inventory, financials, and customer tracking.
    • Reduce inventory levels with automatic ordering based on real-time stock status.
    • Prompt associates to offer alternatives to customers if an item is out of stock.
    • Empower your workforce to maximise skills, time, and operational resources.

    Manage customer-specific accounts and pricing:
    This allows retailers to keep transaction details for cross-selling opportunities and warranty information. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV it is easy to collect customer information at POS and successfully market to the highest margin segments of the business. This functionality also handles staff discounts, repeat sales, and new services sold.

    Centrally manage pricing and planning:
    With Microsoft Dynamics, your people can create planograms of the layout of each store, which saves time by helping your restocking staff to know exactly where all products should be placed. With central pricing functionality your customer will gain confidence in the pricing, and the price on the shelf will be the price at check out. This functionality also saves time by having all changes made in one place.

    Utilise real-time data to make better product and pricing decisions:
    Retailers are able to adjust products sold according to what customers buy. They can also use the information to forecast customer behaviour and more accurately predict reordering quantities and pricing levels. By automatically monitoring pricing effects on sales, retailers can introduce differential pricing, increasing competitiveness in particular areas to achieve the highest margin without losing sales.

    Improve reporting, inventory control, and customer service:
    Know exactly what is being sold and how much money is being made at any moment in time. This eliminates the need for lots of paper-based reporting and guesswork. If an item is out of stock, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can prompt sales associates to recommend an alternative item in the same category to a customer and salvage the sale, or the associate can offer related products to increase the total sale.

    If you would like further information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please download the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.
  • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV for the Construction Industry
    Keeping a construction project on schedule and running efficiently can mean the difference between profit or loss. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help align people, information, and processes for greater productivity.

    By linking complex tasks such as estimating, change order management, accounts payable processing, and cost variance tracking, you save time, reduce errors, help ensure that all options are properly charged to the customer, and make better decisions based on the latest information.

    Repetitive tasks such as labour tracking and payroll processing can be automated too, all in a highly efficient work environment that looks like the familiar Microsoft Office system programs your employees use every day so the training required is minimal.

    Easy to customize, learn, and implement, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help you:
    • Boost efficiency and lower costs by streamlining processes.
    • Empower employees to increase productivity and share best practices.
    • Reduce risk with better access to accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Enhance customer satisfaction and differentiate your business.

    Profile also provide an integrated solution, Dynamic Foundations, where information is consolidated into the centralised Microsoft Dynamics NAV system making it easier to access and compare data. Users can generate Key Performance Indicator reports, track costs and measure profitability throughout the life of a project, assess operational efficiency and produce meaningful comparisons. There are many features within Dynamic Foundations - find out more to explore the possibilities.

    If you would like further information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please download the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.

At Profile we know that your company needs the best solutions which are tailored or work inline with your industry and business needs. Following our success with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we have partnered with additional software providers to supply integrated solutions which run within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV framework providing you with additional services and support for your business.



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