• We understand the needs of our customers for reduced project costs without affecting the quality in the delivery of projects. Over the years we have developed an implementation method that reduces the installation time required for a project, without compromising the necessary disciplines and controls. This means lower project costs and thus cost of ownership, reduced business disruption and a much faster return on investment for our customers. The practice we use is based on the Rapid Implementation Methodology and the disciplines of Microsoft's specifically designed project management approach for Dynamics, the Sure Step Methodology. This methodology, together with our own repeatable templates and existing "blank" companies, means we have a unique advantage in being able to implement NAV in much shorter timescales than is typical of other companies and solutions.

    Implementation Steps
    Project Meeting In this initial meeting the scope, objectives and responsibilities are set. The project plan is discussed and finalised with much of the project scope already agreed in the sales decision process.
    Software Install The Microsoft Dynamics NAV software is installed as a demonstration version to allow users to familiarise themselves with it in a safe environment. This environment is also used for some process mapping and testing.
    Super User Training The high level users are shown the functions and features they will need to maintain NAV and help us determine the training required for all members of their departmental teams. This often highlights specific processes or features that need to be taken into account in the setup.
    System Setup and Testing After Super User Training, the detailed setup of NAV can be finalised. Existing and re-engineered processes are mapped into NAV and tested.
    Data Migration Then we migrate the data from the legacy system into NAV. The data ports in NAV make it very easy to import large amounts of data into NAV and to validate that data at the same time. We have expertise in conversion of data from most legacy systems. Customers can add a great deal of value to the project by filtering and cleansing data prior to it being imported. On most installations, this will overlap with setup and testing.
    User Training Train the users on NAV for the role and processes that they perform. This is as close to go live as possible so that the experience is fresh.
    Go Live Support This is normally the critical time for the project and when our customers need the most support. The consultant will be on site when the system goes live to address any issues that arise and deal with them directly. This includes modifying reports, changing permissions, modifying processes and forms as well as supporting users with their normal day-to-day activities on the new system. This will continue until the project is smoothly handed over to the SystemCare Team.
    Post Implementation Support At Profile, we want to ensure your business and employees have all the support for your new business solutions. Alongside your normal Enhancement Support Plans, we can also provide tailored services such as Managed Service Days to give regular check ups and particularly for our Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers, we offer SQL Database Management. We understand that every company has their individual needs, so please feel free to discuss these with our Account Management team on 08000 195 101. We also send out bi-monthly newsletters to keep you up to date with the latest news and we use Twitter to make sure you keep up to date with the latest technological information.

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