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Priority - Customer Service

Priority‘s customer service and support module is fully integrated with all other Priority functions to deliver a holistic view of the customer.


  • The functions in Priority Customer Service are:
    • Knowledge Base
    • Business Process Management
    • Communication
    • Field Service Management app

    Customer Service Centre

    Priority customer service integrates with your existing knowledge base, providing customers with an immediate response. Built-in Business Process Management helps ensure proper service call prioritisation, assignment and escalation. The process is automatic and is based on service call attributes like call type, issue, product, elapsed time etc. Supports communication with customers via web portal, email, instant messaging and skype. Emails are synchronised directly from Outlook to the appropriate sales call.

    Service Call Management App

    A comprehensive tool for field technicians, the Priority Field Service app provides a full-features solution for effective management of the field service process. Manage service calls with full access to previous call history, plus real-time information is displayed as pop-up notifications for technicians.

    Field Service Inventory Management

    Manage and track inventory, including inventory in company warehouses and technicians' vehicles. Supports on-site inventory transfer between technicians.


    Allows for technicians to receive goods directly from vendors. Users can manage on-the-go purchase demands for required parts.

    Service Call Reporting

    Users can report parts used, the labour, the actual service provided vs the planned service and malfuntions and repairs. The duration of a service call can be recorded, with support for automatic reporting based on arrival and departure times. Descriptions of the repairs / meter readings can be contextualised with photos.


    Features service call summary reports and checklists. Customers can fill out customer satisfaction surveys, using the touch screen to sign. Signed document is automatically stored in the main Priority system.

Business Hours

Our support Hotline is
available over 8 hours a day

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5:30pm
Weekend: Closed

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Tel: 08000 195101 / 01442 236311
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email: info@profile.co.uk

Support and Technical enquiries
Tel: 0345 066 0099
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email: support@profile.co.uk

Our Office

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    9 Progression Centre
    Mark Road
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