CG Emailer for Capital Gold Accounts 

  • CG Emailer for Capital Gold Accounts allows you to save time and money by sending your statements, Invoices / Credit Notes, and Remittance Advices directly to your customers and suppliers via email. 


    The CG Emailer application can be used with any number of companies and can produce PDF files of your selected documents even if the document can be emailed. This makes CG Emailer a very useful means of keeping electronic backup copies of your documents for future reference.

    With CG Emailer you can also:

    • Attach a second PDF document, allowing you to send terms and conditions to customers with each invoice.
    • Request a read receipt with each email, so you know that your important documents arrived and have been opened by the recipient. 
    • Send emails via smtp without the need for an email client on the PC. This means you can use Hotmail and Gmail accounts etc.

     To find out more about CG Emailer for Capital Gold Accounts call 01442 236311 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact your sales manager.

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