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Opera 3 streamlines your customer contract management, helpdesk functions and communication with staff on the road.

Opera 3 Service Management is designed to maintain and renew maintenance contracts with customers. Working with Opera 3 CRM and Sales Order Processing, Service Management can provide end-to-end service and maintenance management, from Quote, Order and Delivery through to Installation, Contract, Service, Breakdown and Billing. The contract information includes value, equipment covered, billing periods and renewal date. You can also log all activities against a contract, such as site visits and Helpdesk calls, so that you have a complete picture of the contract, all in one place.

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) call monitoring and engineer scheduling
    • Skills Matching, Service Areas and Fault Analysis, with comprehensive reporting capability
    • Contracts, Period Renewal Billing, Pro Rata Charging, Planned Maintenance
    • Equipment (Assets) Components, Variable Service Types, Warranty and Loan Equipment
    • Time, Expense and Parts Recording and Billing
    • Installation Projects and Scheduling
    • User-defined fields: add your own data and terminology to key forms
    • Complaints, problems, change requests: full helpdesk and Knowledge Base
    • Integrates with TomTom WORK

    Opera 3 Service Project

    Project Processing

    With Project Processing you can progress sales opportunities from CRM through to an installation project in Service Management. Project Processing is used to plan and keep track of engineers working on the delivery and installation of items sold.

    The project can contain different phases such as design, preparation, groundwork, installation and so on. Each phase can be given a timescale and budget and have Helpdesk calls assigned to it. You therefore have full visibility and control over every sales opportunity or prospect and can track their progress right through to acquisition and installation.

    Notification services

    The Notification Services feature has been extended to the CRM application to improve Helpdesk Call communication. Notifications can be sent to users in the following scenarios; Creation of a new Helpdesk Call, the Status or Priority of an existing Helpdesk Call changing, the user receives ownership or is allocated an existing Helpdesk Call, and when a new or existing note on a Helpdesk Call has been added or amended.

    Service Contracts and Billing

    With Service Contracts you can maintain a record of service contracts you have with customers and log all calls, visits, equipment used etc against each contract. Service contracts can be invoiced and documents posted to Opera 3.

    Equipment Register

    A register of individual products that are covered by service contracts to enhance equipment reliability and availability. It also enables the tracking of components exchanged on-site and generates relevant stock transactions.

    Opera 3 Service Contract

    Helpdesk Management

    The Helpdesk enables you to log calls against company and individual contacts and track them through to resolution. It provides a central point for recording problems, customer complaints, installation and preventative maintenance visits required against your products, services or contracts. The Helpdesk is used when these issues need to be tracked, planned and resolved. Each call can have activities and notes or documents associated with it. There is also access to a Knowledge Base to aid swift resolution of the issue. In addition, any further calls can be linked to an original call and easily viewed.

    Available call types:
    • Helpdesk calls are individually numbered, date recorded and measured against configurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These calls initiate, collect and cost work carried out, parts used and can be raised against contacts and contracts. Call data can also contain equipment register and part coding.
    • Preventative Maintenance calls are service-related calls with a planning date. These appear in the scheduling system and are also visible when organising Helpdesk calls (in case the engineer can do both at once).
    • Installation calls are planned visits to install or set up equipment and can be scheduled.
    • Change Requests are used for changes to the design of equipment or software which need formal control. This type of call needs planning and has documents and time spent on it. It provides a useful change history to items such as parts or Assets (Equipment) as calls progress through key stages.

    Batch Generation of Planned Maintenance calls

    Users can create in bulk any planned maintenance calls that may be due for Equipment Items. Users will be able to generate all calls due in one month, two months or future months; without having to create each call individually.

    By running the Generate Planned Maintenance (PM) Calls routine – Calls are automatically generated based on the calculation of the Next Service Due Date and the Service Interval, and either the Last Service Due Date or the Last Service Done Date, depending on individual requirements for each Equipment Item. This allows users to easily create and keep up to date with any planned maintenance required against equipment records.

    Summary Scheduler

    The Summary Scheduler facility in Helpdesk Management gives users an alternative way to schedule or reschedule calls; by presenting a summary view of all resources for the chosen month. This enables calls to be scheduled in bulk, rather than from the individual calls themselves.

    Opera 3 Service Scheduler

    The Summary Scheduler provides users with an overall view of the scheduling calls over any four week period; and provides flexible filtering for accurate planning. For example, users may wish to view only engineers that work out-of-hours, or calls allocated to a specific department.

    Users can easily view all calls planned for any resource and date, by simply highlighting the resource and date in question: with added drill down capabilities to individual calendar views, for more precision planning.

    Calls can progress through various optional stages:
    • Raised: any person can raise calls
    • Allocated: the call is routed to a controller for validation, planning and action. After it has been allocated, a call can be scheduled for an engineer
    • Planned: the call is loaded onto the scheduling board and an engineer is assigned to it
    • Travel: the engineer is on the way
    • Working: the engineer is working on site
    • Completed: work is done and the call is closed
    • Calls can be logged with unique references, dates, descriptions etc
    • Track calls from initial logging through to resolution
    • Calls can be one of different types: 'Helpdesk', 'Installation', 'Change Requests' and 'Preventative Maintenance'
    • Service areas and faults codes can be assigned to calls and then analysed
    • Skills Records and Asset Skill Requirements can be maintained so the right people are assigned to calls
    • Engineers can be assigned to area codes
    • Calls can be assigned to different teams and members of teams
    • A register of solutions (Knowledge Base) can be maintained
    • Reports provide analysis of calls (for example, by company, contact, product or job number)
    • Performance can be monitored against a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each customer

    Key features of Service Contracts and Billing include:
    • Sales Opportunities can be converted to installation contracts
    • Contracts include Service Level Agreements (SLAs), contract values and multiple equipment items and renewal dates
    • Multiple contract periods can be set up with numbers of free calls and free hours, hours maintained and cost per period
    • Documents and e-mails relating to a contract can be attached to it
    • Activities such as site visits and helpdesk calls can be logged against a contract
    • Activities can be chargeable or free of charge
    • Preventative Maintenance Schedules can be maintained against a contract
    • Profit analysis of a contract and its Periods
    • Invoices can be calculated on the full contract value or based on a pro rata value
    • Invoices for chargeable items and time can be batch-posted in the Invoicing or SOP applications
    • Contract renewal invoicing (including pro rata and new items mid-period)
    • Time taken can be recorded against an activity, allowing time analysis

    Key features of Equipment Register include:
    • Maintain a complete service history for products on maintenance contracts
    • Product records can be associated with Asset code serial number, original customer invoice number and/or delivery note number
    • Maintain a bill of materials for individual product records detailing serial numbers of sub-assemblies, version, bug and fix information and components
    • Maintain components within the bill of materials following maintenance or repair visits by recording the new serial numbers of replaced components
    • Replacement components can be moved out of stock and returned components moved into stock or scrapped
    • Cost analysis of component exchanges
    • Warranty Tracking and Loan equipment
  • Sage 50 Accounts
    Sage 50 is a software solution for small business to help you maintain your finances and cash flow. With this solution you are able to manage all your VAT tasks in one place, easily create invoices, look after your products and services, get the most out of your customers and suppliers and create accurate management reports.

    The Sage 50 solution from Sage has always been able to make light work of all those business essentials like your cash flow and day-to-day accounts, but now you'll be able to:

    Clear your mind with the in-built diary
    The in-built diary helps prioritise every item on your daily workload, sets reminders for recurring tasks, and integrates with Microsoft Outlook to automate diary events, such as following up promised payments. You can also link your tasks to your contacts, so you have all the details you need right then and there.

    Keep track of the flow of your money
    An improved dashboard let's you see an instant view of the credit position of your business. You can see where your money is, how old your customer or supplier debt is, what's due, what's overdue, what's disputed, what's promised to pay and what's still to be allocated all in one place.

    Chase the right payments to keep your business breathing
    Always know who you should be spending time chasing for payments; for example what's overdue, when money is due in and who has promised payment. Promised payments are automatically added to the diary, and if payments are not received you'll be reminded to follow them up.

    Plan ahead to avoid the crunch
    You can now see who you need to pay based on supplier and age criteria. So you can see what payment commitments you'll need to make in the coming weeks and months, helping you plan ahead.

    Give the right person the right message... on time, every time
    Different people like to be contacted at different times in different ways. Sage 50 gives you the ability to record and store names, telephone numbers, email addresses, office addresses, preferred contact times and mailing preferences for all of your contacts, all in one place. And when you make invoice, letter and statement runs, you can use these details to send them via email in a batch. So you always know that your message will reach the right person.

    Build your communications, build on your professionalism
    Payment disputes? Information requests? All contact can be recorded on your communication history, together with a follow-up, so you'll always have the right information to refer back to. Whenever you generate a letter or statement, these details will be automatically recorded into the communication history.

    Keep your customers and supplier relationships strong with flexible payment methods
    Your suppliers might insist on being paid in different ways. That's why you can now do a cheque run for all suppliers who like to be paid this way, or an e-payment run for those who want BACS payments.

    With Sage Payments Solution, your customers will have an easier way to pay as well - directly by card. This can be done over the phone or even by Internet, then posted directly into your accounts to ensure that everything is kept up-to-date.

    Quickly and securely run your reports together
    Sage 50's new batch reporting feature allows you create your own batches of reports and run them off all in one go. You can password protect any PDF file containing sensitive financial information, so only those with the authority to access the files have the means to do so.

    Handle your transactions fluidly with improved Bank Reconciliation
    Bank reconciliation is easier than ever before. 'Smart Totals' allow you to see the value of any highlighted transaction. And with the new retrospective bank reconciliation report, you'll be able to see the reconciled balance of your account at any given time - particularly useful at month and year-end.

    Keep your software as fresh as your businesse
    You want your software to perform to the highest possible standard. The automatic updates feature let's you know if there's anything you need to make your software more efficient, and quickly updates it for you.

    Mistakes are natural, corrections are easy
    Everybody makes mistakes, but correcting them has never been easier. You can now find, view, correct, or even delete transaction or postings at the touch of a button.

    Breeze through the new features with ease
    The improved assistance feature means you can quickly learn these new features with ease. There's also a library of videos to guide you through them, and you can try out a new area of the software or a new posting with the practise feature first.

    Once armed with your business aims and budget allowances we will recommend the solution options most suitable for you. If you would like further information on Sage 50 Accounts 2010, please download the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.
  • Sage 50 Accounts 2012 Improvements
    Sage 50 Accounts is designed to help small and growing businesses manage their finances (accounts, customers and suppliers) and is an important part of the Sage 50 Suite.

    Sage 50 Accounts 2012 continues the development of the market leading business software, offering considerably increased efficiency/effectiveness and reduced errors. This release has been driven by feedback from the Sage customer base.

    There are three key areas of development to this release:

    Getting up and Running - improvements include:
    • Installation - The ability to install and setup the software simply via a simple 'Active Set-up wizard', simplified network install via automated network share, discovery & net-setup and a simple quick install.
    • Registration - The ability to register the software simply via online registration.
    • Activation - The ability to activate the software simply via online activation.
    • Data Conversion - The ability to convert data simply.

    Daily Usability - functionality, performance and integration improvements including:
    • Lock Date - The user now has the option to use the lock a date, providing increased financial control.
    • Chart of Accounts - Increased flexibility in the chart of accounts via pre-canned COA structures for more business types and updated nominal codes, support for the needs of different business types and not just sole traders, presenting the user with a quick view in the COA to see their progress rather than having to run a financial management report and making it easier for users to understand and create floating nominal ranges.
    • Annual Return of Trading Details (Ireland) - Compliance for Irish businesses via the Annual Return of Trading Details.
    • Quick Search - increased efficiency via the ability to conduct a quick search.
    • Quick Print - Increased efficiency via the ability to set a default layout and conduct a quick print and the introduction of the support home page.
    • Support Home Page - Increased efficiency for both the user and Sage via the Support Home Page.
    • Performance - Increased investment in the development of the Sage 50 Accounts infrastructure.
    • Accountant Dataset Manager (Client Manager) - Improving collaboration between the accountant and client.

    Growth Drivers - focus has been placed on developing our connected services strategy via:
    • International Direct Payments - Pay suppliers seamlessly from within the software.
    • Sage 50 Mobile - Allowing anytime/anywhere access via Sage 50 Mobile.

    For detailed information about the above improvements, please download the PDF in the More Information box on the left.

    If you would like further information on Sage 50 Accounts 2012, please contact us or call 08000 195101 to discuss your business requirements.
Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is a complete business solution: it can be fully integrated throughout your business, removing the need to run separate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems.

Sage 200

Sage 200

Sage 200 is a business wide software solution for your growing business. It manages your finances, customers and business insight in one solution.



Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions (CRM Software) from ProspectSoft Ltd provided by Profile offers market leading flexibility, integration and mobility.

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