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Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool that works to turn your data collected from various, unrelated sources and transforms it into interactive visual dashboards. By being able to explore and drill down into your data and reports in a personalised visual manner, you can add context that will make your reporting more effective and your decision making more confident and efficient. 

  • Use power BI's centralised business intelligence to connect your data sources (like Opera 3, Priority, an Excel spreadsheet or any SQL database), then combine, transform and organise your data at a fraction of the time and cost that it currently takes. With a simple to use point and click analysis interface you can turn a broad overview into a detailed drilldown in seconds.

    Power BI is a beneficial tool across your business that can be utilised for analytics, forecasting, reporting, and recognising trends. A thorough understanding of your business is vital, and by empowering your workforce with more information you can improve all areas of your business - whether it be making important, informed decisions or determining where resources should be spent.

    Power BI features:
    • Build powerful reports using multiple sources
    • Easy to read visualisation of data from across your entire business
    • Simple drilldown functionality for high levels of detail
    • Makes decision making more efficient and confident
    • Collaborate and share reports easily with Office 365 integration
    • Access information anywhere with mobile devices

    Profile has developed a link that syncs Opera 3 tables with SQL and allows Power BI to read them along with Data Dictionaries and Report Packs. To discover more about the Profile Power BI link for Opera 3, visit our Profile Utilities page.

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