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Priority - Production

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 The production module in Priority allows you to manage to end-to-end production process and also allows a complete work cycle with subcontractors.

  • The functions of Priority production are:
    • End-to-end production process management
    • Subcontractors work cycle
    • Manually open work orders or run MRP
    • Report production in full details
    • Quality Assurance


    Define production process by production operations performed in specific work cells (factory modelling). Open work orders manually or by running MRP. Based on open sales orders, safety stock, WIP, current inventory, BOMs, duration of production process, minimum quantity per work order and more. Users can report in full detail (employee name, precise work hours per operation, quantity produced / MRP) or just quantity produced, including QA results during production reporting.

    Quality Assurance

    Record and track malfunctions, with links to system documents (e.g., service calls, GRVs, work orders) and to serialised parts. Document the severity, location and status of a malfunction and track its resolution process. Includes a set of reports for tracking and control, including exceptions and malfunction distribution.
  • MRP & Purchase Planning

    Priority‘s Purchase Planning module determines material requirements (for both raw materials used in production and purchased items sold to customers) based on sales orders, open work orders, or frequency of need. Demands for parts are determined by material requirements planning (MRP). Purchase demands for parts that are acquired on a regular basis are calculated in accordance with fixed user-designated requirements.

    Purchase planning can be based on one of two planning processes, MRP planned production based on part parameters, BOM and factory modelling, or MRP for distributors that plans based on demand generated by sales and forecast orders.

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