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Priority - Supply Chain

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The purchasing module enables you to manage vendors, price lists and purchase orders and plan for material requirements.

  • The functions within Priority Purchasing are:
    • Vendors
    • Price Quotations from vendors
    • Price Lists
    • Purchase Requisitions
    • Purchase Planning
    • Purchase Orders

    Vendors & Prices

    Manage all vendor details, including logistics, contracts, attachements etc. Prepare and send requests for price quotes from vendors, record received quotes and run a comparison report to compare quotes. Record vendor price lists and upload prices for external files.

    Purchase Orders

    Open Purchase Orders manually or from a purchase requisition and send orders by email or printout. Track open orders and balances.

    Purchase Planning & Requisitions

    Create open issues plan based on MRP results and automatically open purchase requisitions for the items to be issues. Creates purchase orders from required items, links to relevant budget item and forwards the demand to an authorised buyer.
  • The functions within Priority Inventory are:
    • Part Inventory
    • BOM
    • Inventory Transactions
    • ECO/revision control
    • Label Printing
    • Delivery Tracking

    Priority's inventory module allows you to manage all stages of a products lifecycle. The module enables users to manage inventory levels and maintain tight controls on inventory replenishment, minimizing excess stock and ensuring timely order fulfilment. 

    Part Inventory

    Record all information on parts: part number, description, units of measurement, part family, preferred vendor, actual and standard costs, list price, financial parameters, purchasing parameters, safety stock, BOM and service parameters. Manage multiple warehouses and bins, including warehouse classifications, inventory and costing parameters for warehouses, and more.

    Inventory Transactions

    Record shipping documents, packing slips, returns from customers, goods receipts, return to vendors, warehouse transfers, assemblies, disposal, inventory conversions and inventory counts.
  • Warehouse Management System

    Priority Warehouse Management System provides advanced tools for planning and monitoring all aspects of warehouse management. It supports day-to-day warehouse/ distribution centre operations and staff (planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling), enabling centralised management of tasks. It can track inventory levels, stock location, utilisation of available resources and materials movement / storage. (WMS) allows you to optimise processes for various inventory operations, including picking and putaway.

    In addition to the main WMS system, there are other modules available for businesses with different needs:

    WMS Lite

    Contains all the same functionality as the full Warehouse Management System, but does not include optimisation for inventory operations. Perfect for companies with small volumes of orders and a basic warehouse. 

    WMS Pick

    Generates picking / shipping waves for various customers and orders items required to prepare / pack items for shipment. Waves are generated based on distribution routes. Does not include replenishment and storage, so it is suitable for companies with a smaller volume of orders who do not need replenishment.

    WMS Assembly

    Companies that create assemblies and use Priority to generate work orders for assembly can use this module to generate a wave for collecting components for assembly.

    WMS Production

    Companies that deal with manufacturing and use Priority to generate work orders for assembly can use this module to generate a wave for collecting components.
  • Priority Delivery Tracking is a mobile app that enables users to easily track and control the whole distribution process and is completely integrated with Priority ERP.

    The functions within Priority Delivery Tracking are:
    • Create van sale documents
    • Capture worker signatures
    • Load/unload goods by packing crates / labels
    • Display customer document for signing
    • Track shipments via GPS
    • Record delivery failure
    • Record delivery failure evidence (photos)
    • Manage customer-related tasks
    • Manage driver tasks
    • Create return dcouments
    • Manage and track inventory
    • Update quantity of returned goods
    The delivery tracking app also supports customised printouts for customers.

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