Pegasus P11D Organiser

Pegasus P11d Organiser is a complete expenses and benefits management system. It's an advanced but simple and easy-to-use solution for completing P11d Returns and P46 Submissions, managing expenses and benefits and reporting their cash equivalents to HMRC.

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There are many benefits when using the P11D Organiser to submit your benefit returns online. It is much more efficient and reliable than using paper and can cut down on storage space, postage costs and administration whilst being a very secure and convenient solution.

Once you have finished entering your P11d information for the year, it's as simple as clicking a button to send the information online to HMRC. This information is sent to HMRC servers via the internet and is automatically validated against their business rules for accuracy. Submitting online, therefore, minimises the chances of incorrect returns in comparison to paper submissions and benefit details will be incorporated into the employee's tax codes once the submission is accepted in much less time than if they were entered manually.

For those employers that provide company cars to employees, you will be pleased to learn that the P11D Organiser can be used to produce P46(car) forms automatically. These in-year P46(car) forms of company car changes can also be submitted electronically through the Government Gateway, to ensure your employee's tax codes are kept as up to date as possible.

Summary of benefits:

  • Integrates fully with Opera 3 and Capital Gold Payroll
  • Can be used as 'stand-alone'
  • More efficient and reliable than using paper
  • Secure and convenient when sending benefits information online
  • Cuts costs on postage and administration

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