Having trusted antivirus software running on your system is key to protecting your business from infections which can find their way onto your system through the network and from harmful files that could come from downloads, email attachments or disguised as legitimate software

Get the level of protection that's right for your business

Protect your business from cyber attacks, ensuring that your company endpoints, business data and users are secured with ESET's multi-layered technology. ESET PROTECT platform offers customisable security solutions, easy to manage from a cloud console.

Speak to your account manager to find out what solution is best for your business

  • ESET PROTECT Entry offers multi-layered protection for your business, with easy deployment from a cloud or on-premises console and automated security management, combining machine learning and human expertise. By using the ESET PROTECT console businesses can manage endpoints wherever they are using:

    ·        Single-click management
    ·        Advanced reports
    ·        Custom notifications
    ·        Easy installation

  • Perfectly balanced endpoint protection against ransomware and zeroday threats managed from an easytouse cloudbased console, covering all essential aspects of your security needs.

    Protect your company computers, laptops and mobile devices with security products all managed via a cloud-based ESET PROTECT console. This solution includes cloud sandboxing technology, preventing zero-day threats, and full disk encryption capability for enhanced data protection. ESET PROTECT Advanced offers:

    ·        Endpoint Protection Platform
    ·        File Server Security
    ·        Cloud Sandbox
    ·        Full Disk Encryption
  • Manage full disk encryption across your entire network from a cloudbased console, alongside other ESET security products.

    ESET Full Disk Encryption:

    Full Disk Encryption encrypts system disks, partitions and entire drives to ensure that everything stored on each PC or laptop is locked down and secure, protecting you against loss or theft.

    A powerful encryption managed natively by ESET PROTECT Console. It increases your organisation's data security to meet compliance regulations:
    ·        Encrypt system disks, partitions or entire drives
    ·        Manage from ESET PROTECT Console
    ·        Deploy, activate and encrypt devices in a single action

    ESET Endpoint Encryption:

    Provide additional protection with ESET Endpoint Encryption, so your business can protect individual items including files, folders, removable media and email.

    This simple to use standalone encryption solution, provides full remote control of endpoint encryption keys and security policy for files on hard drives, portable devices and emails. Ensures:
    ·        Zero data breaches
    ·        Compliance requirements are met
    ·        Seamless encryption
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    ESET Secure Authentication provides an easy way for businesses of all sizes to implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) across commonly utilized systems such as VPNs, Remote Desktop Protocol, Office 365, Outlook Web Access, operating system login and more. It enables your organisation to:

    ·        Prevent data breaches
    ·        Meet compliance requirements
    ·        Manage centrally from your browser
    ·        Use your phone or HW tokens


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