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In today's fluid market, to succeed in retail you need to be able to react quickly to market demands. An integrated till system that links directly to your stock control and accounts package means that you have access to real-time information at the touch of a button. The same principal can be applied to any retail organisation - from one till on one site to multi-till and multi-site and company wide. This enables you to access on-demand business and company information with up to the minute stock control and cash level from all of your outlets.

Profile Technology Services can provide every aspect of a retail system from terminals, receipt printers, customer displays, barcode scanners, chip&pin and cash drawers - not to mention all the other computing hardware that make up our solutions. We offer a variety of hardware to suit your needs, but if you don't know which selection to choose, our experienced staff can help design and plan a system with you.

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    Profile offers a full EPOS system, including the KCPOS software, the hardware to run it on and the know how to get you up and running with your choice of POS system. KCPOS tracks & analyses sales and reports on stock, pricing & sales. 

    KCPOS Features

    • Easy to install, set up and maintain
    • Simple to use, can be fully trained in just one day
    • Fully customisable to your businesses needs and specification 
    • Easily expandable to match your businesses growth
    • Mobile Functionality
    • Full integration with your accounts system

    KCPOS works with Opera 3, Sage 50 and KC Back Office Accounts, all sales data is updated live between KCPOS and your chosen account system.

  • KCPOS allows you to produce reports using real-time data that allow you to make more informed business decisions. With a custom report writer, easy to make and read graphs, data that can be exported to excel and sales dashboards available wherever you are, KC reporting gives you a complete overview of your business' data.

    KCPOS Reporting features:
    • Real-time reporting functionality
    • A wide range of reports and custom report writer for flexible reporting and custom specifications
    • A wide range of easily produced graphs for planning and reporting
    • Mobile-friendly dashboards that allow to access your sales and transaction data from anywhere
    • Export reports to excel for familiar, easy to use data

    Whilst there are a wide variety of reports already available in the software (listed in the brochure at the top of the page), Profile can assist you with creating reports that fit your specific business requirements. Contact your account manager for assistance.

  • There may be many ways for a customer to interact with your business now, whether it's via a website or mobile apps, you still want all the data to be available directly in your Pegasus Opera 3 software and KC eCommerce Link is a simple solution that makes that link.

    Linking your eCommerce shopping cart to your accounts software has never been easier with KC eCommerce Link, which integrates the popular Opencart eCommerce solution with Opera 3 and also allows for data from your accounts system to be exported to intermediary tables for integration with virtually any online eCommerce or CMS system.

  • KC Smart Stock is an integrated stock management solution that is designed to give you tighter, more efficient control over your stock all in a mobile, tablet-based format. Smart Stock has features that are not standard in Pegasus or Sage accounts packages, like stock re-ordering and location replenishment but still talks directly to your accounts for simple stock control and real-time visibility.

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    YO-YO Wallet is a customer loyalty solution with the ability to provide targeted marketing via an app. The easy-to-use dashboard interface enables organisations to filter customer behaviours and direct campaigns to clients with the power of push notifications straight to their mobile devices.

    YO-YO Wallet features:
    • Filter through customer's behaviours through the modern dashboard.
    • Target marketing accordingly via the use of push notifications.
    • Provide customers with gratifications/rewards based on their spending and current promotions.
    • Enhanced gamma methodology used to be able to predict customer behaviours for up to a year. 
    • Use YO-YO Wallet as a tender type for payments or vouchers.



KCPOS solutions are perfect for business in a wide range of industries, each with different requirements for a POS and stock solution. 

  • Retail EPOS Solutions

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    KCPOS is designed to fit perfectly into any retail outlet environment, as a fully integrated and easy to use soltution it talks directly to your accounts package so stock figures and prices are always up to date. 

    Relevant KC features:
    • Stock Management
    • Loyalty Card features
    • Receipts and purchase history
    • Synchronised data
    • In-depth reporting
  • Wholesaler EPOS Solutions

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    KCPOS has been designed with wholesaler's in mind, giving you complete control and visibility of stock across your entire store. KCPOS allows you to synchronise all of your data into your accounts package, and using a centralised stock management system you can search your inventory with ease. Reduced queue times due to a more fluid POS solution improves customer experience too.

    Relevant KC Features:
    • Centralised stock management for improved visibility
    • Functionality to allow both cash and customer account sales
    • Special offers and customer pricing can be set up in your accounts package and will show up at the till automatically
    • Control stock and re-order directly from the system
    • In-Depth reporting
  • Trade Counter EPOS Solutions

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    Trade counters can often find that managing stock and price lists is difficult and time consuming, and that managing customer's credit limits is difficult. Functionality for both cash sales and account based customers makes KCPOS perfect for Trade Counters, plus advanced stock management and full integration with your accounts package makes searching for stock more efficient. 

    Relevant KC Features:
    • Loyalty support for discounts and offers
    • Centralised stock management
    • Support for trade and customer accounts
    • Special offers and customer pricing can be set up in your accounts package and will show up at the till automatically
    • Integrated barcode management
    • In-depth reporting
  • Hospitality EPOS Systems

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    KCPOS allows you to manage all areas of your restaurant, cafe or bar. Bookings, table management and handheld support makes taking orders and keeping track of tables easy.
    Relevant KC features:
    • Synchronise your stock and purchase data with accounts integration
    • Manage your restaurant's tables and plan your layout
    • Take and manage bookings directly on the system
    • Ensure a smooth customer experience with handheld ordering and table status 
  • Leisure & Tourism EPOS Systems

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    Tourist & Visitor Attractions will often have multiple tills that serve different functions, like ticket booths, gift shops, cafes and restaurants.  KCPOS allows you to centralise your organisations POS with one solution that's built for multiple functionalities. In depth, real time reporting lets you see performance across your entire POS system and keep on top of the data.

    Relevant KC features:
    • Synchronise your stock and purchase data with accounts integration
    • Customisable user menu
    • Online ticket functionality
    • Gift Aid support
    • In depth reporting

To find out how KC solutions can help your business, call 08000 195101 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk to an Account Manager.

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